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Quick Review: Seasoned Trades

This post is sponsored by Seasoned Trades. To see our policy on sponsored entries click HERE.

Despite this being a sponsored post I think this one is going to fall foul of the Soapbox Jury honest, down to earth approach of product and service review. Seasoned Trades is a service that claims to be able to improve your credit rating after financial difficulties. They mention bankruptcy in particular. The theory is that if your credit rating is restored, you'll have no problems in the future when you want to gain more credit. As Season Trades puts it 'prime credit is priceless' - this is just before they reveal their prices, which are anything but priceless. A vicious circle I think the expression is. If you want to enter a downward spiral of paying money to be able to borrow more money, which you'll then have to pay back as well, then Seasoned Trades might be of interest to you.

Despite the critical review, at least they got their link in Soapbox Jury - that really is priceless!