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If you would like us to review your website, blog, product or service please email us.
If we're able to publish your review all we ask is that you link to Soapbox Jury in return. Please read here before submitting.

Welcome to Soapbox Jury


Welcome to our blog, Soapbox Jury. As the name implies, it is a site for voicing opinions and passing judgement. The exact purpose of this blog to critique websites (mainly), products, services and ideas. We will try and give a balanced, fair and honest review of any item we include. Whatever the content of a Soapbox Jury review it will heighten awareness of the item featured.

If you have a website that is targeted at a wide range of people (no password protected or group sites) then submit it here for some publicity. You'll get a backlink just for suggesting it. If we select it for review then you will get a couple of paragraphs of comment and a screenshot published.

We're also interested in reviewing blogs - the work of individuals instead of businesses. We're not aware of any other site that provides independent, third-party reviews of blogs at the moment, so hopefully Soapbox Jury can fill this niche. If you successfully get a review of your blog/website you are guaranteed to get at least one backlink, a full paragraph of comment and a screenshot published.

Bloggers Please Note:
Due to the time taken to complete a blog review (at least 30 mins) we will only accept blogs that are less than 1 year old at the time of submission.

Every website/blog that is submitted will receive at least one backlink, guaranteed. We will also consider whether your site is suitable for the BlogRolls of our 4 other sites - you could get up to 5 links pointing at your site just for suggesting it! Backlinks to your site are important for building up search engine traffic and increasing your PageRank.

Products and Services:
Soapbox Jury prefers web reviewing, but we'll also review products or services if requested to. Please only ask for a product review if that product is readily available to us for testing.

Submissions and Inclusion:
If you would like to submit an item for consideration please email us details. We will try and look at all of the items submitted, but can't promise to publish all of them. If your website/blog/product is selected for review we will email you to confirm and to get any further details needed. By submitting a site for review you agree to the copyright conditions given below.

It is getting to the stage now where we are getting more requests than our time allows us to process (Soapbox Jury is a hobby in our spare time). We are currently receiving 5 or 6 requests every day and it takes us about 30 minutes to complete a review. Please be patient - if we say we're going to publish your review we will, but it might take a few days to get around to doing it.

Please email submissions to: soapboxjury@gmail.com

After Submission and Inclusion:
We will not enter into conversation about the content of our reviews. Reviews will only be amended if we have made a factual error - if this is the case please contact us and describe the problem. It is no good asking us to amend our review if you receive negative comments - that's the risk you run by submitting.

Soapbox Jury undertakes reviews of websites at the author's request. By submitting your site you agree to us producing and publishing a screenshot image of your site. You also agree to us reproducing and republishing any part of your text content we wish to include in the review.

If you find any of the information on this site useful you are free to reproduce and republish it elsewhere on condition that you acknowledge and provide a back link to Soapbox Jury.

Sponsored Entries:
Please note that Soapbox Jury may occasionally include sponsored entries. We will endeavour to write all sponsored entries in a tone which reflects our true opinion of the subject - advertisers please be aware of this before you submit your proposal. Sponsored entries will always include the words 'advertisement' or 'sponsored post'. We hope that these posts do not detract from your enjoyment of our other reviews.

Cost of Submission:
At the moment, all we require is that any website or blog submitted and reviewed provides Soapbox Jury with a permanent backlink. In the future, depending on the demand and popularity of Soapbox Jury, we may implement a small fee for inclusion.