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Blog Review: Honey Bryan

Honey Bryan

Description of site:
The personal blog of Bryan (AKA Kit), a freelance IT consultant from Singapore. Along the way Bryan hopes to chart his route to becoming a millionaire. The power of positive thought.

One of the standard Blogger dots templates. The author has tried to customise the header by inserting a 'dribbling' honey image annotated with the words Honey Bryan. The image is really the wrong size and doesn’t occupy the header correctly.

Neatly organised, but not difficult to achieve owing to the lack of content.

Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and blog archive.

Google AdSense ad units present at top, bottom and sidebar. AdSense link unit located half way down the sidebar. AdSense for search box located towards top of page.

This blog starts off slowly with a few one line entries and pictures. It's difficult to decide which entries are one liners because the author seems to start a new paragraph after every sentence. After only 4 posts and no more than 10 (full) lines of text Kit kindly points out the donation button on his site. You'd be forgiven for thinking this is a bit cheeky, considering the scarcity of his material, but you've got to admire the guy's audacity – after all, you don't become a millionaire without walking over a few people! The weird thing is that there isn't actually a donation button there – just some AdSense ads. Hmmm suspicious.

The first post that draws my eye, it being Christmas and the fattest time of year, is about an Iced Tiramasu Latte from the Coffee Club. This thing looks absolutely gorgeous and stands about 30 cm (6 inches) tall, with three distinct sickly-sweet layers. It's the sort of thing you can enjoy at Christmas without feeling too guilty. That post also includes a photo of Kit and his Beauty Queen enjoying a Kit Kat – spot the play on words? In quick succession we have another good post – this time a YouTube embed. The video shows the John West tinned salmon commercial where the bear does a kung fu style defence of his fish – worth a look if you haven't seen it already, although I suspect most people have. He also delves into a YouTube Karaoke moment with a 50 Cent song. I particularly like the way Kit introduces the blogs of his friends and tries to get them a bit of traffic by providing a mini-review.

October heralds a change of tact – the focus now is funny imagery and, give him his due, Kit starts with a classic – see 3rd Oct entry. Some other funnies towards the end of the month too, with P Skool Maths springing to mind. The list of Men’s Rules is also noteworthy for its humorous dig at the fairer sex. November is a quiet month with irregular posts – a few more funny images like JussiPussi bread rolls.

Despite Kit saying he was going to chart his progress to becoming a millionaire, this isn't really the main focus of his blog. It isn't a 'get rich quick' kind of blog, which is nice because there are already too many of those. It's more a mix of humorous pictures, music and movie reviews and a few personal comments about his life.

I don’t know if Kit is aware that there seems to be some formatting problem which means I can only see some posts as a mass of question marks – this, and the fact original content is irregular and limited, is reflected in the rating I award. I wish Kit and his Beauty Queen happiness in the years ahead and continued success with his blogging.



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