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Blog Review: Erika Jean

Erika Jean

Description of site:
The personal journal of Erika, a 21 year old student at the University of Cincinnati reading Criminal Justice.

Custom Blogger template with blue and white colour scheme. Attractive personalised blue header with tabbed browsing buttons.

Neatly organised with short and snappy entries instead of long ramblings.

Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and blog archive. Closer inspection of the browsing tabs reveals they aren't actually for browsing at all – they lead to things like Erika's wish list and the
Cincinnati weather report.

No obvious signs of monetisation. There are a few directory referral links on the sidebar but nothing too overwhelming.

This is a much more personal blog that I've read before. The archive begins in July 2006 and within the first month we have learnt that Erika is missing her sister Lisa badly. Lisa has just gone off to join the Army and her basic training is 500 miles away in
South Carolina. Erika is a community assistant on campus (apologies for the UK interpretation) - a job with a large room and zero rent which unfortunately also attracts a shared bathroom. Some of her neighbours aren't so hygienic and leave the place in a mess for Erika to clean up. This brings back fond memories for me too!

At the end of August you'll find some of Erika's handy work in the form of some photos. I particularly like the black and white shots with the objects highlighted red. September heralds a change of tact on the blogging front – the appearance of the first lists. Lists are a common defence mechanism to stave off blogger's block but I'm pleased to report that instead of predictable and irrelevant waffle Erika's lists actually appear interesting. They give a nice little insight into her life. I particularly like the article entitled ‘what’s in a name?’

In October you'll find how closely Erika's photo matches that of well-known celebrities. She's pretty close to Katie Holmes and Catherine Zeta Jones according to the technical wizardry, although I am struggling to see how Dakota Fanning (whoever she is) has an 83% similarity! There's also a scary moment when Erika takes a tumble down some stairs but luckily manages to escape without any long term damage. Erika reveals the contents of her handbag in November. I’ve always thought that a handbag was a very sentimental and private thing to a lady. Not much to report on the content front, apart from Erika carries 2 name badges and book called 'The Man of My Dreams' (I’m here by the way).

The most recent entries are some of the best – Erika allows all of us 'old fogeys' (British saying) to get reacquainted with Tetris. Ahh, how those memories of Super Mario, irritating music, flashing graphic and my Super Nintendo come flooding back. Erika Jean has to be worth a visit just to play this. Overall, a solid performance from a new incumbent to the blogosphere. Perhaps lacking in content in the early days, but it's full steam ahead now as Erika attracts a large following of comment leavers. I wish Erika Jean many visitors in the future.



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