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Blog Review: Mustang 'N' Cowboys

Mustang 'N' Cowboys

Description of site:
A story charting the training of mustang horses in

Our old favourite Blogger template with the flowers on the brown background. Pictures of the animal 'cast members' on the left sidebar.

Neatly organised. One point to note is that in some posts the text has written over the images – it would be nice if this could be remedied.

Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and blog archive.

Google AdSense ad unit and a few directory referral banners are located on the sidebar. Nothing too over the top.

The first few posts set the scene nicely – Travis and Tony, the author's grown-up sons, are set for a two week adventure on horseback in the John Muir Wilderness Area. We are also introduced to the horses Belle, Coal, Clancey, Maggey and Cahlibur. The sidebar pictures and notes help get a feel of what the blog is about. One of the first challenges for the horses is back-pack training – carrying around large panniers of sand to get them used to the weight before the expedition. We also get an insight into what equipment they need for two weeks of self-sustainability in the
California mountains.

The rest of the blog is a rolling diary of how the trip and aftermath pans out. Both Travis and Tony contribute to the writing, and there are regular interjects from their mother Janey's perspective away from the action. It is evident that they kept a thorough journal of notes and photos as they went along – all the action is caught first hand. Their days consist of 6 am rises, feeding and watering the horses, packing their kit and either exploring the surroundings or completing the next stage of their journey. I enjoyed reading about their campcraft skills in particular – the gathering of firewood, setting up of camp, cooking and fishing. Things get off to a shaky start when the insect repellent is lost. It sounds kind of like Ray Mears Bushcraft TV programme back here in the UK. By day 6 it is becoming evident that the horses aren't enjoying the challenge as much as Travis and Tony are – Maggey is off her food, Coal has a sore back and Calhibur's girth is painful. They decide to cut the trip short to get the horses home and comfortable. Maggey's troubles persisted and she ended up collapsing on a mountain pass. After hours of trying to coax her back to her feet they managed to get her moving again but not for long. Sadly, Maggey never made it home. I shan't spoil the rest of the story but the two sons arrive back from their adventure and disappear off to do some cattle ranching (if that's the expression). Janey is left to tend to the horses and a few new furry additions to the family.




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