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Blog Review: The Broken Cup

The Broken Cup

Description of site:

A collection of inspirational Christian poetry, some short stories and Bible passages.

One of the original Blogger templates. Sepia tones with background repeating floral pattern. Although it isn’t one of the more colourful or exciting templates, it serves its purpose well on such a serious, dignified and purposeful blog.


Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and blog archive.

There are a few directory referral buttons and freestanding ad banners located on the sidebar. Two banners and a WebRing search bar are located at the foot of the page. The site does not appear to be monetised.

This is a requested review.

This blog is a collection of short poems (mainly), stories and Bible readings. The blog is fairly new, but the inspirational postings have attracted a wide following and frequent comments already. The poems are the personal work of the author unless stated otherwise. The message they convey is crystal clear and food for thought. Notable poems that struck a chord with me are ‘The Unwelcome Visitor’ and ‘Upon Awakening’. It’s definitely worth a look if you are a Christian who likes poetry.

Since this is such a new blog, with religious content and a targeted Christian audience it is not appropriate for me to award a rating.



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