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Our DJ Talk Forums

Our DJ Talk is a great chat forum aimed at giving mobile DJs a helping hand with their business. The site has a diverse range of content with something of interest the seasoned DJ pro, the up and coming young amateur and people who just like music in general.

Scrolling down the packed homepage the Karaoke House forum caught my eye instantly. I'm what you could describe as rhythmically challenged but after a few beers it's amazing how easily your inhibitions slip and you turn into a crazed karaoke monster! Reading that forum it's nice to see things from the DJ's perspective - not just the chance encounters with random, out of tune drunk people but also technical aspects like converting CD-G to DVD format.

I also chanced across their Radio DJs forum where there was an interesting discussion about the excessive self-promotion of some FM stations on air and how this detracted from their broadcast quality. It appears all these advertising jingles and catchy slogans are wearing down some sections of the audience - yet they remain tuned in.

The Music forum allows for discussion of what's hot and what's not in the music charts. It also gives members the chance to comment on their favorite DJ remixes and playlists. Latin music is an area gaining in popularity by the day, which is highlighted by the provision of its own sub-forum.

One of the best sections of Our DJ Talk is the packed DJ Photo Gallery. It's here that members are able to contribute the latest snapshots of their gigs, compare notes on their equipment and share images of generally daft but good humoured carry on.

For all the latest DJ news head across to Our DJ Talk forums.