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Blog Review: Payne by Name

Payne by Name

Description of site:
A bit of a hybrid really. Payne by Name has a diverse range of content - on the one hand we have a rolling journal of the author's comments and opinions, on the other reviews of niche subject areas such as 'women' and 'relationships'. Perhaps not a blog for women's libbers!

Custom design. Cork-like background with a white page overlaid. Topped by a navy blue header bar with a pale yellow sidebar to the left of the page.

Neatly organised and comprehensive entries.

Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and journal archive.


This is a requested review.

Wow, where do I start? This blog is rich in detail so apologies once again for my brevity of review. It has taken me an absolute age to read and my stamina was flagging by the end. It appears to be a consolidation of the author's previous work online.

I’ll only concentrate on the journal section of the site in my comments – you can have fun exploring the rest of the site yourself, but beware the tongue-in-cheek style of writing. The author is a humorous guy, but I think the dry wit and spontaneity of some of his remarks could be misinterpreted by members of the fairer sex. The author makes entries maybe 3 or 4 times every month, chronicling his life since the previous situation report.

The first few months describe the author's battle to get back into shape following an over indulgent Christmas. He takes regular trips to the swimming baths, gym and dances the night away in clubs, but I fear this aerobic exercise is cancelled out by his apparent shareholder status at McDonalds and affinity for cheeseburgers. He also likes lazy mornings, reminiscing about the past and scoping for attractive young ladies with ample bosoms.

We learn about his minor altercation with the law, the cute WPC who gives him a producer and chavish, popcorn slinging disorder in the local cinema. The entry of 27 March 2006 leaves me with a wry smile on my face, because I completely empathise with pee shyness – the overwhelming urge to take a leak, but not being able to when people are queued behind to use the facilities.

The next few months are a fairly routine mix of gym visits, swimming, clubbing and Italian dining. Nothing particularly noteworthy, although I am draw to the rant about firemen misusing public resources. The entry about Filmharmonic, billed as a musical extravaganza, which actually transpired to be a medley of obscure movie and television soundtracks, was also an educational read.

As summer approaches it’s the ideal opportunity for outdoor pursuits, sporting events and barbecuing. Paintball is also the order of the day and the author, obviously keen on the sport, recounts his skirmishes in rural Kent. We also get regular bloke's talk on football (the World Cup) and F1 motor racing. All these lazy afternoons, barbecues and beers in front of the TV is probably not the best time to be watching you diet, but the author is desperately trying to reduce his calorific intake to compliment his aerobic exercise.

The autumn nights are drawing in and the author settles down to cosy nights in front of the TV, wining and dining at Italian eateries (I see a pattern) and eyeing up a mystery girl on the way to work in the mornings. It's also a good opportunity to dig out the DVD collection and play on the games console. Next on the agenda for Payne by Name is a trip to Barcelona to check out the sights, restaurants and girls. Stay tuned for the next instalment.

I apologise that I have barely scratched the surface of Payne by Name. There is plenty of good reading, but it's not for the feint-hearted or those lacking in stamina. It's not the sort of blog you can skim over drinking a coffee – it requires attention to detail to follow all the unfurling intricacies. I personally would try and cut down the entry length, make them more focussed and post more regularly, but the author has had this advice from other reviewers already. One thing's for sure – Payne by Name is very distinctive and gives a genuine insight into the author's inner-workings and lifestyle. A solid performer, which you need to check out yourself.



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