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Blog Review: WebTipedia


Description of site:
An online collection of resources for computer users. The site appears to be aimed towards the internet/computer newcomer because most of the tips are pretty elementary.

Custom WordPress template with white and grey colour scheme. Sidebar with category buttons and links located at the right hand side.

Neatly organised with good classification of posts for easy location.

Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and blog archive. The tabbed header and sidebar category buttons allow smooth navigation between pages.

Monetised with Google AdSense. Ad units at the top and bottom of the sidebar, link unit on the header bar.

This is very similar to another blog I frequent called the Useful Blog. The concept is sound – the bringing together of handy online resources to one site. However, from the few entries that exist so far, it seems there's nothing really revolutionary on here. We get handy tips about Internet Explorer shortcuts, spy ware removal, music downloads and open source software but there is nothing mentioned that any computer user worth his/her salt isn't going to know already. This leads me to believe WebTipedia is targeted at the computer newcomer, which is no bad thing but it's a somewhat limited audience for a website.

As for the site design itself, I like it. It is neatly arranged, uncluttered, with good navigation and not crammed with ads. One suggestion I would make is to justify the post text – uneven line lengths are unsightly and easily cured.

This combined with the infrequency of postings is reflected in the rating I award. I'm sure WebTipedia will increase in popularity in future months, but after 3 months and only 15 or so posts it's too early to say much more.



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