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Repair Your Credit

As we all know there are gloomy economic times on the horizon. Rising unemployment, spiralling inflation and recession looming - the last thing you want is a dent in your credit rating.

Thankfully credit repair help is at hand.

DSI Solutions offers credit repair help to those who need it most - the people who need credit for a new home, a new motor vehicle to get to work or to help build a new family. DSI offer one to one support for people who need financial advice. They'll trawl through your credit history and set about the process of credit report repair. Clients receive fortnightly email updates about the progress to date. Once they've dealt with the credit problems DSI Solutions educate their clients about ways to remain debt and worry free.

For more information about cleaning your credit report visit repairyourbadcredit.com.

London Hotels

I just love visiting our fine capital London.

The streets are so steeped in history, bustling with people and culturally vibrant. Being one of Europe's major cities it also has some of the finest dining, museums, galleries and entertainment anywhere in the world.

There's only one snag about visiting London - the price. Thankfully you can make your visit more affordable by getting organised, looking up some cheap London hotels and booking well in advance.

London Hotels is a comprehensive hotel directory and booking facility for anyone interested in visiting the great city. The site is always updated with the latest and greatest London hotel deals, with many of the hotels offering direct to client accommodation rates.

Whatever your London hotel needs, you're sure to find a great deal at London Hotels.

Biozone Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Looking out the window today I can tell from the glorious sunshine that summer has finally arrived. If you like lazing out in the sunshine, catching a few rays and generally relaxing in the warmth that's great news. If, on the other hand, you're someone who burns easily or has a ferociously growing lawn then it isn't so good! The warm summer sun can also signify trouble for hay fever sufferers, with all the pollen floating about in the breeze.

Thankfully help is at hand for hay fever and other allergy sufferers alike - air purification systems. The Biozone air purifiers utilise state of the art technology to break down the nasty little contaminants that trigger allergies. Ultraviolet light is passed through the air and breaks down the bonds in contaminant particles like dust, pollen and dust mite feces. The UV zapped air is much easier on the lungs, so that's good news if you're an allergy sufferer.

The air expelled from the Biozone air purifier is also less likely to harbor contaminants. This is because the UV treatment produces air of a high energy gaseous state, which helps to break down large organic particles when it is expelled from the purifier. These expelled gases sanitise surfaces 100 to 2000 times faster than most other decontamination processes, meaning your room stays cleaner and fresher for longer.

To learn more and see the latest purifiers in the Biozone range, head across to Better Health Innovations.

Online Marketing

With the ever expanding reach of the world wide web, more and more companies and individuals are turning to the power of the internet as a marketing tool. According to the latest figures released by Internet World Stats there are 1.4 billion people surfing the internet on a regular basis - that's 1.4 potential customers for your business. It's little wonder that the use of online marketing techniques has rocketed in popularity.

One of the fundamental principles of search engine marketing is the ability to use search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase your product or service's exposure in the search engines, thereby driving more targeted organic traffic to your site. A balanced and considered approach to SEO management is essential to achieve the best results.

Another popular form of online marketing, employed by experienced and novice businesses and webmasters alike, is pay per click (PPC) advertising. PPC is a medium that displays ads of interest to your website visitors, with the intention of attracting them to the product or service featured. A small payment is received for each click a PPC ad attracts. Again, an effective approach to PPC management is essential to ensure the best conversion from the ads displayed.

With your potential customer base increasing daily, there has never been a better time to learn more about online marketing.

SEO Talk Forums

Attention all you webmasters: there's a great new community where you can refine your online skills, share your ideas with a receptive audience and enjoy friendly chat in a relaxed environment.

SEO Talk Forums (STF), brought to you by the same people behind the popular Web Talk Forums (WTF), has just opened for business and we're on the lookout for new members to contribute to our rapidly growing community.

At STF we aim to make your membership of our community a positive experience by making everyone feel welcome and taking note of member feedback. You'll not find any of the petty and restrictive rules and infractions that typify some of the larger webmaster forums.

Better still with STF the more you post the more you're rewarded, with increasing signature rights and member privileges as you become a more established part of the community.

Come and give us a try and if there's something you don't like or you think we could do better then just let us know. STF promises to give every member's comments due consideration and will implement any suggestion that makes our community a friendlier and more efficient place.

If you'd like to try a friendlier webmaster forum then head across to SEO Talk Forums.

Arm Chair Tourism

Aurora australis (the Southern Lights)
as seen from Antarctica.

As some of you might be aware it wasn't all that long ago I was a student. Probably one of the most important things I learned during my eight years at university (no joke) was how to look after my money. I'd go to the supermarket and buy the cheap food just coming up to its sell-by date, I'd buy all of my train tickets months in advance for the cheapest fares and I'd carefully limit the amount of socialising I did. Travelling was probably my biggest expense after tuition fees and rent. There were so many places I'd like to see but I just didn't have the finances the cover it. It's even worse now with all the airlines charging a fortune to cover their rocketing fuel costs.

Thankfully there is a partial solution to all those people who would like to travel but haven't got the time, inclination or money - arm chair tourism. The Arm Chair Tourist is a neat little blog that brings together live webcam feeds from the some of the world's most desirable travel destinations. Each post covers a different place of interest and comes with a few images, little introductory chit chat and useful links to the webcams and related information.

The Arm Chair Tourist has so far travelled to the bright city lights of bustling Hong Kong, the foamy white waters of Niagra Falls and the relaxing turquoise seas of the Carribean. Sydney, California and Antarctica are just a few of the other destinations in this action packed travel guide.

Join Stephanie as she tours all seven continents of the world and explores some of its most hidden gems.

Tidying Up Your iTunes MP3 Collection

One of the worst things, if there is such a thing, of having a fast broadband connection is that you spend the day downloading lots of media files. My MP3 collection is overwhelming and, having diverse taste in music, I sometimes have real difficulty locating the tracks I'm looking for.

Thankfully there is an easy way of tidying up your iTunes collection in four simple steps:
  • The first thing you need to do is ensure that the ID3 tags on each track are correct. This is necessary because the tags sometimes get damaged when the files are transferred across to iTunes from a different medium. On rare occasions the tags can even get lost altogether during the transfer process.
  • Re import your tag corrected files back into iTunes.
  • Remove duplicated files from your iTunes collection. It is much easier to do this if the tags are correct - simply use the ‘Show Duplicate Songs’ command in the iTunes Edit menu.
  • Add album art to your tracks. iTunes doesn't automatically add the artwork included on CDs. iTunes artwork can be achieved by using software that transfers images across from Amazon to your CDs.
If you'd like to learn more about how to sort your iTunes collection efficiently then head over to Connected Internet and check out their articles on the subject.

Orlando Visiting

I remember when I was younger how much I used to love all the Disney movies. We'd have a different Disney movie shown each week at school and they were an absolute sell out. All the kids and their parents went along to watch the old classics and sing along to their simple, yet melodic musical scores. Even now, as a fully grown man, I still reach for my Disney music albums and sing along to modern day classics from the likes of The Lion King, Pocahontas and Aladdin.

For Disney fanatics only one experience can surpass the enchantment and mystery of their movie back catalogue - that's a visit to the Magic Kingdom itself.

Orlando Visiting is the perfect site for people planning a journey across to the Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. Their regularly updated blog brings you the latest Disney news, giving you an essential taste of what's happening during your stay. Unlike many information sites Orlando Visiting also includes a Disney World forum where recent visitors to the Magic Kingdom can share their thoughts on the best rides, restaurants and bars, accommodation, local tourist attractions and much more. As the contributions come from fellow Disney tourists you can be confident they'll give an honest reflection, helping you get the best out of your visit to Orlando.

If you want to experience the magic of Disney first hand then Orlando Visiting is the site for you.

Palm Beach Travel

Imagine being in a place miles away from work, with the salty sea breeze taking the edge off the intense sun, sand between your toes and the reassuring sound of water lapping up the shore. No, this definitely ain't Blackpool - you'll not find any donkeys, candyfloss or coconut shies here because the golden sands we're talking about are in Florida.

If you've just suffered the discomfort of a long haul flight the last thing you want to do is spend hours hunting for the local amenities - the best beach venues, car hire companies, shopping malls, local restaurants, theatres and that sort of thing. Fortunately the nice people of Palm Beach Travel have done all the leg work for you.

Palm Beach Travel is an essential resource for anyone traveling to Florida's east coast. For the practically-minded there are details of West Palm Beach Hotels and for motoring enthusiasts West Palm Beach Lexus might be worth a visit.

Looking through the archive I see they have posts covering an exciting range of holiday pursuits. What better way to see the aquatic life of Florida's turquoise bays by taking up scuba diving. For people who just want to laze the days away with fine wining and dining, there are features about the local eateries and country clubs.

Whatever your holiday intentions there's no better place to start your research then Palm Beach Travel.

My Free Screensavers

I'm just about to buy myself a new laptop and what's the first thing everyone does when they buy a new computer? Customise the appearance of course. I'm sure I can't be alone with the claim that the first thing I ever do is change the desktop and screensaver from the default settings to something with a bit more personality.

The new versions of operating systems come with quite a good range of desktop wallpapers and screensavers already, but if you're after something a bit special then better head across to My Free Screensavers.

Just as the name implies they offer a comprehensive range of free screensavers suitable for PC users of every taste. If you want to beat the crowd this December then you can even download your own Christmas screensavers now - I particularly like the look of the Nutty Santa screensaver. The site also includes a wide range of natural looking animated screensavers, including calming rippling water and violent erupting volcanoes.

Whatever your screensaver needs I'm sure you'll find something of interest over at My Free Screensavers.

Gisele Bündchen Photos

Gisele Bündchen is reputedly the best paid model in the world, with an estimated fortune of $150 million. Looking at some of the photos of Gisele in GiseleBunchenPhotos.com it's not difficult to see how her breath taking natural looks have captivated male audiences for more than a decade.

During that time Gisele Bünchen pictures have appeared on the front covers of no less than 500 magazines and she is the face behind more than 20 global brands.

Looking at Gisele you'd be forgiven for thinking she was born to be a model. The truth of the matter is that, like so many others, she became an accidental star when she was spotted by an agency in São Paulo.

GiseleBunchenPhotos.com contains a wide range of Gisele photos in all manner of poses and costumes. My particular favourite sees Gisele lying on a golden beach, head thrust back and sun beating off her perfect tanned skin. You'll also find pictures of Gisele on the catwalk and some artistic black and white shots focusing on her exquisite facial structure.

For the best Gisele Bünchen photos pay a visit to GiseleBunchenPhotos.com.

Trucks & Trailers

Ask a classroom full of schoolchildren what they want to be when they're older and I bet a lot of the boys reply with "train driver" or "truck driver". By some twist of nature most males have this inbuilt fascination with large mechanical objects - they just want to climb all over them, explore what's inside and try out all the different features.

Despite many years of female conditioning some males never quite lose that desire to work with big trucks, which is where Trucks and Trailers comes into its own.

Trucks and Trailers is a website packed full of useful information for any truck fanatic. In addition to the conventional issues of vehicle maintenance, truck brands, spare parts and tuning it also includes some interesting less than ordinary articles. One article that caught my eye was about how truck or SUV owners could earn a few bucks during the winter by using their vehicle as a snow plow. Of course if you're going to be out in adverse weather conditions it's important that you've got the correct kit for the job - good quality truck fog lights are a must for the gloomy winter conditions. It's also important to have tyres with sufficient grip - light truck tyres are proving popular because of their enhanced safety features.

The the latest developments on truck brands, spare parts and maintenance head across to Trucks and Trailers.

Car Tuning Central

As most long-suffering women will confirm the relationship between a man and his car is often closer than that of a husband and wife.

Some men can spend literally hours of time washing the car, applying layers of wax, polishing out marks on the paintwork and tinkering away under the bonnet. Worse still is that if they're not working on the car then they're out driving it, watching motoring shows on TV or reading super car articles in men's magazines.

If you're a man who's falls into this fanatical category then Car Tuning Central is the ideal website for you.

As well as articles about car maintenance, auto tuning and car brands it includes details about some of the finer points of being a petrol head - for example, how your car can be used to attract the ladies and how you can use parts bought from tuning shops to soup up your wheels. It also gives essential maintenance advice on how to change brake pads, look after your engine and perform wheel changes.

For all your motoring needs head over the Car Tuning Central.

Penpals JPG

Being someone who looks after a large network of blogs I love to write original and informative (arguably) content. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning about them, their home and their lifestyle. Becoming a penpal is the ideal way of combining all of these pastimes.

Penpals JPG is a site allowing people to form new penpals online. They offer a completely free service where you can create an online profile, browse for people with similar interests and get in touch with them via the site's messaging system.

Many of the people on there simply want to improve their foreign language skills and gain a greater understanding of life elsewhere. Some are seeking long-term friendship and maybe more with the right person.

One profile that caught my eye was for a Russian girl. She's seeking friendship with an American guy who appreciates honesty, isn't afraid to voice their opinions and can engage in deep and meaningful conversation. She also wants someone who's open-minded... whatever that means ;).

If you'd like to learn more about the wider world and meet new people then becoming a penpal will definitely help. If you're looking for free penpals then go and visit Penpals JPG.

Freshpeak - Web Reviews

Today's post is a bit of a bus man's holiday for Soapbox Jury because we're reviewing a fellow review website.

Freshpeak is one of the newest additions to the independent web reviews sector. It's very similar to our own site apart from they're using Wordpress on their own domain. That gives them a sleeker, more-professional look and probably makes them more suitable for business type reviews than our own blog. Something else they do is categorise their reviews for ease of reference. They currently have reviews on finance, internet, sports, shopping and real estate type sites.

Some big names have made an appearance there so far, with Yahoo Finance currently featuring top of the bill. Their review goes into great detail and conveniently bullet points the key aspects of the site. There's also room for some opinion and light-hearted humour, weaved in with their comprehensive observations. Looking deeper into Freshpeak I see these characteristic features of their reviews over and over again.

For all your website reviewing needs, go and take a look Freshpeak.

Spy Phones

Calling all you budding James Bond's and wives who want to check up on your husbands - here's a website that's going to be of great interest to you.

The Spy Phone is an ingenious website providing all manner of covert mobile phone software. Imagine the usefulness of being able to monitor your partner's or children's text messages to keep tabs on what they're really doing. Maybe you'd like to listen to the conversations they're having and find out who's really on the other end of the phone.

The Spy Phone has spy software that allows you to do that and a whole lot more. Their SMS interceptor software will send you real time copies of all the incoming and outgoing messages to the target phone of your choice. Their phone spy software allows you to be able to dial the target handset from anywhere in the world and discreetly listen in to what's happening nearby.

Maybe you're not sure what your spy phone needs are, in which case their comprehensive ALL-in-ONE package will cover all the bases. The ALL-in-ONE includes everything necessary to turn the target handset into a spy cell phone, call interceptor, SMS interceptor, GSM tracking device and much more besides. Better still it works with any GSM network anywhere in the world, so even if you're miles away you can be sure that your target is within close reach.

Whatever your covert surveillance needs you can be sure that some spy phone software will be a useful addition to your arsenal.

Get Paid for Google Searches

My Search Funds is a scheme whereby web users get paid for completing their normal search engine queries.

It works as follows:
  • Sign up to My Search Funds (all you need is your name and PayPal email address).
  • Install the My Search Funds search bar in your web browser (Firefox and IE are supported).
  • Every time you want to search for something type the query into your My Search Funds search bar and use that.
  • Receive a small payment, typically 3 or 4 pence, for each real search query you make.
Search queries are handled by Google. All you have to do is get into the habit of using the My Search Funds search bar every time you want to look something up.

Search Quality and Fraud Detection:
It's important to stress that My Search Funds is for genuine searches only. If you make excessive or repetitive searches just to increase your earnings then you'll probably be banned and receive nothing.

Their system flags up the following:
  • Multiple searches in quick succession (could be a problem if you're spelling isn't too good).
  • A large number of searches on any particular day (difficult to quantify but more than 30 searches a day is likely to attract closer scrutiny).
  • Automated searches generated by some sort of software.
  • Repeat searches with the same search term.
  • Searches where the results are not acted upon (e.g. not clicked through to another site).
So try and avoid any of these situations by remembering to click through your search results etc.

If you need to make lots of searches in quick succession I would recommend temporarily reverting to the normal Google search box.

User Comments:
I first heard about this over at WebTalk Forums. It sounded interesting so I checked it out further, which led me to the MoneySavingExpert.com forum where there are a couple of threads all about it. People are making the following general comments over there:

Scatty Student1: "I've had over £30 in two months and am due £35 next time, never had any problems with them, they are one of my favourite sites."

geordie joe: "I've just been paid."

Why oh why: "I have had a payment today for about £21.00 yippeeeeeeeee."

(Note: GBP £1 is equal to about USD $2)

Most people over there seem to be earning around £1 per day for 30 searches, although one person I noticed had made almost £3 from 96 searches in a single day.

It's only fair to tell you that a few people have complained that their earnings have been reduced, but it's hardly surprising that My Search Funds keep a close eye on the authenticity of the searches made. Overall it looks like the majority of users are happy with the system and have received payment.

My Search Funds has a minimum payout of £20. Payment is made 45 days after the last day of the month in which you made at least £20. Sounds complicated but this payment system, known as NET-45, is very common for most online advertising and money making programs. If you don't make it to £20 in a month your balance is carried forward to the next month.

You're probably wondering how My Search Funds make money to pay out to their users. I had a think about this too and the only thing I can think of is that they're monitoring your search engine habits for research purposes. That's nothing to be concerned about because all you give them when you sign up is a name (even a first name would do) and your PayPal email address - you do give any other personal details at all.

Members of My Search Funds receive 10% of their referrals' (called friends) earnings with the program. Unlike most other programs they also have second (friends' friends) and third (friends' friends' friends) referral tiers, which earn 5% and 2.5% respectively.

I'm trying My Search Funds out at the moment and I'll report back on my progress in due time.

In the meantime if you'd like to try it yourself please sign up as our referral using the following link: Try My Search Funds Now

Resource for UK Teachers

Teaching Uncovered is an essential resource for all budding teachers in the UK. This regularly updated journal follows the progress of a secondary science teacher in the UK. It gives an honest and comprehensive account of teacher training, life in the classroom and the goings on behind the staffroom door. If you're the sort of person who can break complicated ideas into smaller, more manageable chunks then teaching could be the ideal career for you. The family friendly working hours, generous holidays and financial incentives mean that there has never been a better time to enter UK teacher training. If you'd like the inside story about life as a teacher then head over to Teaching Uncovered.

LBS Group Review

It’s time for another website review and today I came across a site which sells roller shutters called lbsgroup.co.uk. while looking for home security products.

A lot of people are quite opinionated when it comes to entirely flash based sites as a lot of issues can arise, the user may not have flash player installed on there machine and it’s especially difficult to optimize for search engines. However I quite liked this one. The site introduces itself with some nice catchphrases telling you about the company. After this some shutters roll down over the LBS logo which is a very nice effect. The only thing I think that the site lacks is information regarding pricing and past projects. It would be good to know some more about the company.

I invite you all to take a look through.

Heels GOOD For FASHION But Not Your FEET!

Heels are a great fashion statement. But they have a downside too. Women experience a lot of health issues as a result of using heels. High-heeled footwear is a great help to women. Women who are shorter enhance their height by using high-heeled footwear. Heels also make women look sophisticated. And there are plenty of varieties available too, which gives women a wider range to choose from. Stiletto heels, pointed heels and blocked heels are available for all ages and sizes. Women use heels to enhance their looks. Heels can be bought in any color. Women in high positions in their organization wear heels which are of muted colors to give them an aura of power and sophistication. Heels also add that extra touch to lingerie.

Alas! Every man-made thing has a downside, countering its benefits. High-heeled shoes are no exceptions to this rule. Women who regularly use high-heeled footwear experience back pain when they are in their late thirties or early forties. Regular use of high-heeled footwear also causes pain in the ankles. Sometimes the pain becomes so intense that some women may even require surgery to stop the pain. The damage that heels cause to the back may result in a lot of pain and discomfort later on in life. Living with constant back pain is not easy. Some women may require spinal surgery to lessen the pain. Such surgeries are always risky. Though such serious complications are rare, they do occur in women from time to time. Women who use footwear with extremely high heels are more susceptible to back problems later on in their lives. Women whose profession requires them to use footwear with heels regularly, such as ramp models, are also susceptible to back and ankle problems later on in their lives.

Ankle pain sometimes hinders the walking abilities and speed of women. When the bones and ligaments are damaged, it reduces the walking speed and affects the ability of women to walk properly. In some cases, corrective surgery may be required to lessen the pain. The pain to the ankles is caused because of the pressure on the feet. When women wear high heels, the pressure on the feet is increased. This damages the ankles slowly but surely.

Regular use of high-heeled footwear also damages the knees. The damage is not as extensive as those caused to the back or ankles, but some women experience pain in the knee joints when they grow older.

Though heels are great for fashion, women have to be mindful of the health hazards before they start using high-heeled footwear. Making a fashion statement is not as important as preserving your health. If health is at risk, women better think twice before they start using heels. If heels are absolutely necessary, they can be used in moderation. Women should avoid footwear with extremely high heels, as these causes the most amount of damage to the ankles and back. Women need not use heels regularly. Heeled footwear can be used once in a while. This will prevent damage to the back and ankles.

Free Image Hosting

imgserver.us tries to take the hassle out of hosting images. The images are hosted on fast US based servers which provide the quality and speed of service expected from any serious image host.

The site allows guests to upload images of up to 3MB either from their computer or from any remote location on the internet. If you decide to become a member of this free image hosting site you will be allowed to upload images of up to 10MB in size and will also have your own personal gallery where you can keep track of all your images.

You don’t need to take our word for it, go check it out!

Crazy about Chickens

Are you crazy about chickens? The author of That Blozzz is. He writes many interesting stories about raising chickens. His articles are very interesting and full of stories from living on a farm.

I found it cool that he included pictures of his Baby Chicks the day they were born. His latest post about the chickens is a collection of pictures showing the chicken coop. There are pictures from every angle so people can see how a basic coop is set up. He discusses everyday issues about his chickens including when it was time to cull the rooster. If you are thinking of raising chickens or just curious on the topic, these articles are worth reading. It sounds like fun and reading his stories makes me want to go out and buy some chickens of my own.

That Blozzz has a lot of stories about chickens but it also has a collection of stuff from product reviews to webmaster topics to earning money on the Internet. This is a great blog if you are looking for some interesting reading. It is what a blog should be, a collection of posts that the author wished to share with the readers without limits.

Upgrade Your Business

Our mission is to create a perfect data source for our clients to share there resources with the world to generate an optimum business solution for you. Our networking team is trying to spindle a web resource through its network which will provide our client and all netizens a perfect solution from the millions of websites spread across the world.

There are millions of websites around the world and lots of them have quality resources and are willing to share it with others for the mutual benefit. We work 24x7 to interact with all such webmasters to create and best business resource. Through our shear hardwork we have created an online resource of like minded business sites who wish to associate with others and share their network with you and vice versa for mutual benefit of each other.

Top videos available on youtube

Topyoutubevideos.com is an amazing collection of the top videos available on youtube. The videos are collected from all categories forming an amazing video database that can be easily accessed by anybody. The tons of videos in the website guarantees and amazing entertainment experience coupled with the ease of access making it very simple for even the most illiterate computer user to be able to spot the utube videos they want in a jiffy and watch them. The amazing arrangements of the website guarantees that even users can read the latest news from all over the world on www.topyoutubevideos.com knowing that they are getting the latest information.

Our DJ Talk Forums

Our DJ Talk is a great chat forum aimed at giving mobile DJs a helping hand with their business. The site has a diverse range of content with something of interest the seasoned DJ pro, the up and coming young amateur and people who just like music in general.

Scrolling down the packed homepage the Karaoke House forum caught my eye instantly. I'm what you could describe as rhythmically challenged but after a few beers it's amazing how easily your inhibitions slip and you turn into a crazed karaoke monster! Reading that forum it's nice to see things from the DJ's perspective - not just the chance encounters with random, out of tune drunk people but also technical aspects like converting CD-G to DVD format.

I also chanced across their Radio DJs forum where there was an interesting discussion about the excessive self-promotion of some FM stations on air and how this detracted from their broadcast quality. It appears all these advertising jingles and catchy slogans are wearing down some sections of the audience - yet they remain tuned in.

The Music forum allows for discussion of what's hot and what's not in the music charts. It also gives members the chance to comment on their favorite DJ remixes and playlists. Latin music is an area gaining in popularity by the day, which is highlighted by the provision of its own sub-forum.

One of the best sections of Our DJ Talk is the packed DJ Photo Gallery. It's here that members are able to contribute the latest snapshots of their gigs, compare notes on their equipment and share images of generally daft but good humoured carry on.

For all the latest DJ news head across to Our DJ Talk forums.

A Short History Of Gumtree

Gumtree was founded in March of 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. The two men founded the site in an attempt to provide a community hub where people new to the London area, or those planning to move to London, could find an easy place to get started in the city. From housing accommodation to employment to even social events, Gumtree informed the new citizens of London about the city. Since the creation of the site, Gumtree.com has extended to several other cities such as Glasgow (Scotland) and New York (United States).

As the years have passed, Gumtree has grown into the largest job site in London and has become to largest classified advertisements site (according to Alexa) in the United Kingdom.

Due to the success of Gumtree, it was acquired by eBay in May of 2005 for an undisclosed price.

Lately, the Gumtree history has had no big additions. Besides some expansion in 2007, Gumtree has managed to stay relatively the same over the years.

The Need Of A Proxy For Facebook

Face book is one of those websites where it is a good idea to use a proxy when accessing. There are many reasons as to why a user should use a proxy when using Facebook but this article will mention the most important reasons.

The main reason as to why you should use a proxy on Facebook is to prevent people from knowing your Facebook activities (such as parents, teachers, et cetera). Unless you want these people exploring your every move on the Face book network, it is ideal to use a proxy to deny these looking eyes access to your sacred account. You would be surprised as to how many parents discover their children's activities on Facebook due to the fact that these people did not use a proxy to protect their tracks.

Another reason as to why you should use a proxy on Face book is to prevent the company from tracing you to your actual location. While normally Face book would not worry with your location of residence, they may report this information to law enforcement agencies in some occasions (for example, if you are suspected of breaking a law and Face book could assist in the situation). Face book works with these agencies with no hesitation so it is important for you to protect yourself. If you use a proxy, they will have a hard time pinpointing your exact location.

How to deliver best online experience?

As an internet business owner you must have been wondering many times what factors are important to online shoppers? In other words, how to differentiate your e-commerce site and store from the competition. How to draw and satisfy the biggest number of online visitors so they will keep returning. The key to online success is to enhance web-based customer support and create online experiences that increase site loyalty and drive sales. Simply, make every online experience for your customers as positive as possible by fully responding to users' needs. Only then you will avoid users abandoning the web site prior to a purchase being made or during the process. They are likely to reach their credit cards after examining your e-commerce web site. Deliver consumer experience at a higher level than the rest in digital marketplace giving your visitors much more in return. The option that online shoppers seek and will appreciate is the capability to get live shipping rates and track their shipments for major carriers: UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx with a click right from their desktops. To enable these handy functionalities, integrate into your e-commerce application .NET rating and .NET tracking component that will transform your online enterprise site into a thriving business offering high-level customer satisfaction.

Revamp of Greenville Realty Site

Greenville Website OurGreenville.com, a site specializing in Greenville Condos (well that's the sister site) and Greenville SC Real Estate sales has redesigned their interface for 2008. The redesign was after consideration of usability and design features. The webmaster at this Greenville real estate site used feedback from over 20,000 visitors to design a page that was usable and clean for home buyers to find their dream home. The site still has many of the same features such as a detailed Greenville neighborhood page and individual pages for other neighborhoods. Tanner Estates in Simpsonville, SC is one of the new neighborhoods featured that is still under construction. Nearby, Hollington in Simpsonville, SC is catering to high-end sales for people wanting to be near highway 14, a convenient artery for traffic to and from other suburbs. Creekwood in Simpsonville, SC is still being worked on, but does provide home buyers with some nice alternatives.

Do you know what long term care is?

Millions of American baby boomers will be retiring soon and the need for long term care insurance is going to start growing faster than ever. But do you even know what long term care is and what long term care insurance costs and pays for? In a nutshell, long term care insurance is a type of health insurance that covers non-medically necessary health care.

Long Term Care insurance policies are held by millions of Americans already. Recent innovations in policies have made them even more consumer friendly than they were when this type of insurance was pioneered by Genworth in the mid 1970s. So how do you qualify for long term care insurance?

Well, there are six activities of daily living that you must be able to perform to qualify for the policy. For most policies, once you've had a doctor certify that you cannot do at least two of the six activities of daily living, you can then qualify for your long-term care insurance policy. In this post we have linked to several long term care insurance articles - check them out for more information on this important type of insurance.

OnlyStop.com: The One Stop Financial Comparison Site

Having been a university student I know first hand how difficult it can be trying to balance your personal finances. There always seems to be something else to pay and finding the cash is sometimes a struggle. I'm not a financial whizz so I often need to ask advice from my friends and family, but it would be handy if all the information was in one place to save my embarrassment. OnlyStop.com fills that role nicely by collecting essential financial information into a single comprehensive resource.

Going back to my student days again one of the most important steps I took was opening some new bank accounts. I opened a new current account for my day to day transactions and a high interest savings account with my friendly mutual building society. Banking is a cut throat industry and the major players all offer incentives for signing up to their products. In the case of current accounts it's best just to take a step back and avoid being blinded by all the free cinema vouchers and cash back. It's a much shrewder plan to choose an account with minimal fees (preferably none), a favourable rate of interest and appropriate overdraft facilities just in case you find yourself short.

Insurance is another must have for any university student. It's worthwhile having your laptop, phone and other personal belongings insured because student accommodation is a known haunt for criminals on the lookout for the latest must have gadgets. Sometimes it's possible for your parents to have your belongings covered in their own home contents insurance. It's well worth asking them to get some new home insurance quotes to find out if this is possible. A lot of students now have cars too, which is an additional financial burden. Big savings are to be had by shopping around for the right car insurance deal and by driving economically using the right gears and avoiding excessive acceleration and breaking.

For more essential financial advice check out OnlyStop.com.

Swimming Pools

It might just be me getting older but time seems to fly by nowadays. It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying a family Christmas at home. It won't be long at all until we're out in the garden drinking cool beer, eating barbecue charred food, watching sport on TV and generally lazing around in the warm summer sun. What better way to refresh yourself than by splashing about in your very own pool? A pool is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

Getting your own pool is actually much easier than you think. Red's Swimming Pools have a good selection of above ground pools which are installed in a short time and with the minimum of fuss. A choice of round and rectangular pools are available to maximise your garden space. As well as those with a rigid construction there are also inflatable versions which can be easily drained and stored between use.

If garden space (and weather!) isn't an issue then you might prefer one of Red's inground swimming pools instead. These inground pools are constructed of heavy duty steel, aluminum or thermoplastic making them strong, durable and long lasting. A wide selection of lifeguard chairs, slides, filters and swimming pool liners are also available allowing you to personalise your pool appearance. The liners come with the piece of mind afforded by a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

Red's winter swimming pool sale makes this the ideal time to snap up a swimming pool bargain.

Best 10 Independent Non-Profit Website Hosting Reviews

With the ever increasing breadth and diversity of the web it's difficult to know exactly which company provides the best website hosting. I know from personal experience that some of the less scrupulous companies don't always provide as comprehensive and reliable a service as they would have you believe. Ideally webmasters want a hosting company that offers a combination of great value, ample storage capacity and bandwidth, minimal down time and reliable customer support. But with so many companies out there which way do you turn?

Upperhost has taken much of the stress and leg work out of choosing a hosting company. It is an independent web hosting review site that takes a critical, in depth look at the different companies out there. Upperhost's front page contains a convenient summary of their top 10 hosting providers. Each host is scrutinised in closer detail on its own dedicated review page.

Bluehost web host is currently at the top of the list with an impressive 93% grade A. It scores well in terms of performance, reliability and customer relations. The review also give details about the Bluehost features and control panel, value for money and past customer experiences. A feature of all of the Upperhost reviews is the at a glance summary column on each review page. This makes it very easy to compare the services offered by each hosting company quickly and easily.

Web Hosting Pad comes in a respectable second place. Looking at the performance chart it's obvious that although Web Hosting Pad has many great add-ons it doesn't perform quite so well on customer relations. This probably means it's a better choice for the more advanced webmaster who requires less support.

Whatever your web hosting requirements you are sure to find a review of interest at Upperhost.

The Number 1 Resume Writing Services Online

Applying for a new job can be a daunting prospect at the best of times. All those forms to fill in and interviews to overcome - it can be quite stressful, particularly if you're already unemployed and under pressure to find work. It will definitely help if you have a high quality resume and thankfully help is at hand.

US Resume Writers offer the best resume writing service online. This well established company has provided resumes to over 30,000 clients over the years. All needs are catered for with a comprehensive range of resume packages to suit your budget and individual requirements. The Basic package will produce a resume designed to showcase your strengths and grab the job interviewer's attention. It also comes complete with personalised telephone support and the opportunity to have minor revisions. At the other end of the scale is the Crown package which comes with full updates, rewriting and support for 2 years. This comprehensive package will produce five unique resumes guaranteed to stand you ahead of the crowd.

The site also includes several resume samples so that you have a realistic idea of the finished product and how it will suit your needs. With such great resume help at hand there really is no reason why you can't aspire to your dream job. See what's on offer by heading to US Resume Writers.

Free iPhone

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last 6-months you can't have failed to notice that there's one piece of mobile communications equipment that everyone is talking about. With it's awesome touch screen technology, wide multimedia function and slick email and web-browsing capabilities the Apple iPhone has attracted widespread acclaim - even from those who know absolutely nothing about technology!

Unfortunately cramming all of this power into such a small package comes at a price which isn't usually cheap - not usually cheap unless you read and follow Simply Free iPhone's advice to get yourself a free Apple iPhone that is.

It's probably easier than you think to get a free iPhone online. It is done by the simple process of referral marketing. In general terms you are rewarded for signing up to free trials, thereby raising the profile of certain products. You are also rewarded if you refer your friends to take part in free trials too. If enough people follow your lead you can easily get your hands on that fabulous new iPhone.

Learn more and get the latest free iPhone news by visiting Simply Free iPhone.


If you're anything like me you'll enjoy buying and trying the latest electronic gadgets on the market. Technological advancement means that many of these items are smaller and more powerful than ever before and there's always something new to enhance your at home entertainment. Better still there are a few ways of obtaining some of the latest must haves free of charge, as Gadgets4Nowt explains.

The Sony PS3, with it's built-in Blu-Ray technology and state of the art high-definition graphics, is widely regarded as one of the best gaming machines ever made. Gadgets4Nowt tells it's readers how to get a free PS3 by the simple process of promoting a couple of websites by asking some of their friends to sign up for free trial offers. Why would anyone want to pay hundreds of dollars when they could get a free PS3 instead?

By exactly the same token it is entirely possible to get a free Nintendo Wii. The Wii, Nintendo's smallest and most powerful console to date, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase interactive game play. With it's revolutionary Bluetooth remote and vast games library Wii has taken the world by storm - so much so that many stores ran out of consoles in the run up to last Christmas.

To learn more about getting the latest electronic items for free visit Gadgets4Nowt.

Travelling Cheap on the Credit Card Companies Dime

When you read this blog post, you are probably instantly thinking of a scam. As a child your parents always told you if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true at all. Well, in this case, I can assure you that this post is going to be legit and will save you a ton of money and time on your next flight out to see your relatives or friends.

Let’s think back to the last time you flew in an airplane. Do you remember how much an airline ticket cost you? If you can’t remember, it’s ok. They still are pretty outrageous. What if I told you that every time you used a credit card, you could rack up free points for a free ticket in the future? Does this still sound too good to be true? It’s not! Let’s go on.

Airline credit cards are the most underrated credit cards on the market. When people think of flying, they don’t think that they can save on something as silly as a flight. What people don’t realize is that there’s a saving solution to everything. It just takes a lot of energy to find out about these things.

Airline credit cards work in a very simple way. Every time you use your card when you purchase your airline tickets, you will receive points. Depending on the airline and the card you have, you may receive up to double or triple the points; this would be written in your terms and conditions.

The next time you think about taking the family out on a trip, consider Travel credit cards, not only will you save a lot of money, you will make your family proud as well!

Save on Gas the Easy Way

If you’re of legal age in the United States, I’m sure you have some sort of automobile or something that runs on gas. If you don’t, well this post isn’t meant for you but if you plan on wanting to save on gas in the future, I suggest you keep reading.

Gas prices are by far, the topic you hear everyone talk about. You hear people talk about the prices at the gas stations, at the dinner table, and while waiting in line at the doctor’s office. No matter where you go, you hear people complain about the price and how it never goes down. The fact is that most people don’t use their brain and try to find saving techniques. Everything in life can be bought have a discounted price, no matter what you’re purchasing! You just have to put some time and effort into it and the savings will come.

The purpose of this post is talk to you about gas credit cards. If you’re not familiar with them by now, you should be. If you’re sick of pulling up to the pump and paying that ridiculous three dollars and some change per gallon, your mindset is about to change when it comes to gas prices. When people think of credit cards, they instantly think of debt and bad things. Credit cards are only bad for people who can’t control their spending and can’t make the best out of their credit card. If you can control your spending, you can reap all the benefits.

Gas Cards can sometimes save you up to ten percent per gallon depending on what card interests you. Generally, you’re going to save more with a card that focuses on one gas station. The next time you’re ready to fill up at the pump, remember this post and think to yourself, “I could be saving a lot more money if I had a gas credit card.”

The Laparoscopic Band Centre

Obesity, particularly in older age, can lead to a whole range of health problems including diabetes, heart disease and sleeping and joint disorders. Sometimes a person is just unable to lose weight via the conventional route of healthy eating and regular exercise. Lap band surgery could be the ideal solution to overweight and obese people in that category.

The lap band is a small, toroidal implant which is located around the oesophagus at the entrance to the stomach. The procedure is minimally invasive and results in less scarring and recovery time than conventional weight loss surgery. Once in place the implant is carefully injected with saline, which causes it to swell and gently constrict around the stomach entrance. The reduced stomach volume causes the patient to feel a sense of fullness when they have only eaten a small amount of food, thus limiting their calorific intake.

New Bandsters (people with the lap band) are supported by a comprehensive patient care program. This includes regular follow ups where the band can be adjusted as necessary. Education is also a big priority with patients being trained to eat properly by choosing small, nutritious portions of food as they are supported with a fitness program.

With over 400,000 success stories globally the quick, efficient and hassle free lap band procedure could really put you well on the road to a healthier lifestyle. For more information visit The Laparoscopic Band Centre.

New Bodybuilding Supplements Information Site

Bodybuilding is the process of maximising muscle tissue through a disciplined regime of exercise, weight training, controlled calorific intake and periods of rest. Higher levels of muscle growth, repair and activity require a specialised diet which is rich in carbohydrates and protein. A lot of bodybuilders also take scientifically formulated bodybuilding supplements to help them achieve their goal of peak muscular condition.

Whey protein, from cow's milk, is a readily usable source of branch chain amino acids. It has a high biological value (BV) meaning it is metabolised and gets to the site of action much more quickly than other protein types. There are few natural sources of whey protein, so supplements provide a convenient source of this essential muscle building block. It comes in two main forms - concentrated, containing around 75% protein by mass, and isolated, containing around 90% protein by mass. The isolated form is whey protein at its purest with nearly all the fat and carbohydrate removed. As well as the obvious benefits to bodybuilders and endurance athletes whey protein is also of interest in the field of weight loss and wound healing.

Carbohydrates are also a vital ingredient in the balanced bodybuilder's diet. All that extra muscle growth and physical exertion means that that average bodybuilder burns more calories than someone of normal build. There are a huge range of carbohydrate products out there, but it's difficult to know exactly which does the job best. Thankfully someone else has done their homework by writing some informative supplement reviews to give an idea of what works best.

With will power, a controlled diet and regular weight training could you be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Information on Tendonitis

Tendonitis is a painful condition where the strand of fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone becomes inflamed and sore. It can be easily treated if caught early, but if left unchecked long-term damage to the tendon can occur. Tendonitis is caused by repetitive strain on the tendon, perhaps due to sport, or as the result of injury, old age or overstrain.

Football players regularly suffer from injuries like achilles tendonitis, which is caused by sudden bursts of overstrain on the achilles tendon as the player runs, stops and turns. The tendon runs all the way down the back of the lower leg. The risk of achilles tendonitis is exacerbated by poor footwear and inadequate warm up before exercise. Women who wear high-heeled shoes are also at risk because the tendon tends to shorten due to the angle of their foot.

Just as footballers can have trouble with tendonitis due to the sudden movement of their legs, tennis players and golfers are susceptible to elbow tendonitis due to the repetitive jerky movement of their arms. The elbow is a hinged joint where lots of tendons and muscle groups come together. Elbow tendonitis is characterised by localised pain, inflammation and stiffness during or shortly after exercise.

Tendonitis prevention is achieved by warming up before exercise, using the correct equipment and avoiding overexertion. The symptoms are alleviated by resting the affected area and applying a cold compress. More advice on tendonitis can be found at iTendonitis.com.

Lose Weight Group Teaches You How To Lose Weight

It's getting towards that time of the year when people start booking their summer holidays. Usually they want to head towards a more tropical climate with long golden beaches as far as the eye can see. But then there's an alarming thought - what will I look like sunbathing on the beach in just my swimsuit? There's no chance of hiding that beer gut or bingo wings when you're out there with the sand between your toes. You really need to take action now.

Lose Weight Group is a new online resource for people just like you who want to lose weight. It's for people who want to banish that dreaded middle-aged spread but have so far been unsuccessful, whether by a lack of will power or by inadequate guidance and support. There's no secret in the fact that weight loss can be achieved by a combination of diet control and exercise. This site is packed full of great weight loss tips to guide you along the way.

Whenever I try and lose weight I usually manage to do the exercise but struggle with the diet part. I think it's a lifestyle issue - I haven't got time to mess around spending ages making fancy rabbit food. I'd rather not spend a fortune on specialty food either - just something quick and easy with a bit of taste. Luckily the Low Weight Group's specially tailored diet plans have taken all of these factors into account. The site provides a range of diet sheets to suit the lifestyle needs of all sorts of people. There diets range from 1000 calorie a day weight loss plans, right up to 2,500 calorie a day weight maintaining regimes.

Whatever your weight loss needs head across to the Lose Weight Group and see what's on offer!

Quick Review: Farreys.com

Farreys is a US wholesale hardware company that strives to provide the consumer with the finest range of household fittings at the best possible price.

Their range of light fixtures serves as a perfect example of the sort of quality on offer. Farreys stock hundreds of different types of indoor and outdoor lights of both a traditional and contemporary appearance. For a more elegant feel to your home check out the range of chandeliers. They also have an exceptional array of landscape lighting for illuminating the outside of your home or garden. To compliment your purchase or for running repairs there is a collection of light fixtures and fittings.

The user friendly Farreys website has simple drop down menus that allow the customer to shop by price, product type, style or manufacturer. The online shop also has a web form for any questions you might have.

Check out the Farreys website for more information.

Holiday Whistler

Whistler, British Columbia, is a Canadian resort town set high in the Coast Mountains to the north of Vancouver. The primary tourist attraction is its world class alpine skiing, which has been recognised by the award of several prestigious prizes. It's global reputation for winter sports has led to its selection as a venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic games.

As well as extreme mountain terrain the area is abundant in natural wildlife, of which the black bear is a notable member.

Holiday Whistler is a vacation rental company providing high spec accommodation around the resort. A wide range of Whistler accommodation is available to suit the needs of the smallest or largest of skiing parties. This includes cosy apartments set in heart of the village, or luxurious log cabins high in the trees in blissful seclusion. Check out Cay Heights Chalet as an example of the rentals on offer. This stunning chalet sleeps 24 and boasts a private hot tub, sauna and is only a short drive from the slopes. A wide selection of Whistler lodging is shown on the website.

For further information check out their website or order a brochure.