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Blog Review: Random Encounters of We

Random Encounters of We

Description of site:
Short posts mainly of a technology nature. Some personal opinion and humorous photos are also included.

Blogger in beta rounders template with blue/green hybrid colour scheme. Customised to have an extra sidebar on the left hand side. The colours just don't work for me. The layout also seems a bit lop-sided – it would look better if the header and footer bars stretched the whole width of the page. The page has a falling snow effect at the moment – might just be a seasonal thing.


Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and blog archive.

Google AdSense: skyscraper in the left hand sidebar, link unit at the top of the central column and half banner at the foot of the page. The ads aren’t blended very well - maybe the complimentary ad colours are intended, but I would go the blended route every time. There are also a lot of blog directory mini banners on the right sidebar – they look rather like and American General’s medal ribbons, but this blog is no veteran. This blog is also monetised by Creamaid.

This is a requested review.

The author provides open access to her Site Meter stats. From the stats I can tell that a lot of visitors come from traffic exchange programs like BlogMad and Traffic Echoes. I recommend avoiding these programs – AdSense don't like them – they class them as giving an incentive to visit your site and consider the impressions invalid. Traffic exchanges are also time-consuming and counterproductive – people spend all day surfing from site to site trying to accrue credits, paying little attention to the content of the sites they actually visit.

Since Random Encounters of We is less than 2 months old there isn't much content to review. The posts are mainly technology related. There are opinions on web resources, animations and computer games. There are a couple of classic flash games embedded in the posts, to take you back to your childhood and keep you occupied as you browse from one post to the next. Something distracting from my point of view is the flamboyant spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout. Fundamental principles like sentences and names begin with a capital letter seem to have been overlooked. Too many sentence start with the word 'and' which is a serious grammatical faux pas.

The regular use of polls encourages the site visitors to give feedback on the issue of the day, which is a nice touch. On the downside I think that people, being naturally lazy and following the path of least resistance, will vote instead of commenting meaning the value of their feedback is limited.

I am sorry that this review has been negative but with an improved layout, increased content and a loyal readership I’m sure it'll make good progress in the months ahead.



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