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Blog Review: That Amazing Person (TAP)

That Amazing Person (TAP)


Description of site:
A collection of short, informative reviews mainly technology related. Links to useful online resources and some free downloads.

Wordpress custom template with pale blue and white colour scheme. The header logo is a blue feed symbol, indicative of the technology and web related content.


Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and blog archive. Check out the site features in the sidebar.

Some RSS subscribe buttons located on the sidebar. There are no other obvious signs of advertising. I suspect that some of the articles are sponsored, but this in no way detracts from the quality and usefulness of the blog.

This is a very nifty little blog. There isn't much content – the posts are irregular, short and to the point – but they are detailed enough to be informative, not overwhelming. Many of the posts take the form of mini-reviews about an item of technology, website or piece of software. As an added bonus there are free downloads of e-books and graphics – that little bit extra that makes TAP stand out from the crowd. There is a very handy post that links to blogging tools – essential reading for anyone new to the blogosphere looking for a few tips. The Swiss Army knife of blogs and well worth a look. It's a shame I have to mark it down due to the irregular posting.



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