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Quick Review: mailboxixchange

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If there's one thing the US is known for it's their free standing mailboxes. Unlike here in the UK they don't need to worry so much about some little oik stealing the post from the end of their driveway - if anyone even attempts it they'll just shoot at them! And quite right too!

If you're looking to smarten up the bottom of your driveway with a new mailbox, you should look no further than mailboxixchange. This is the ideal marketplace for mailboxes and curbside decor (whatever that is) and they have a wide range of high quality products to adorn residential and commercial properties alike. As well as freestanding models they also have wall mounted alternatives, door numbers and mailbox components - mailbox components ask you? How can an object as simple as a mailbox possibly have more than one component? Well, apparently it does - check out the website to find out more.

For all your mailbox requirements visit mailboxixchange.

Quick Review: Gumtree

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Gumtree is a great information portal about London and other major cities both in the UK and further afield. Living in the historic capital of the UK can be an expensive business with average house prices of approaching £400,000 and sky high rates to match. Gumtree dedicates an entire category to London jobs, so you can find the ideal position to finance the cost of living. The portal also provides invaluable information on the local community and services to give an insight into the lifestyle of London residents.

So whether it's a London job you're after, or just a bit of guidance on what's happening in and around the great city, Gumtree is a great resource to consult.