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Blog Review: Aeowolf Online



Description of site:
The author gives his personal opinions on the day’s events, art, literature, current affairs, politics and lifestyle issues. A magazine type blog with diverse content.

The original Blogger’s plain template with royal blue and white colour scheme. Bite size chunks of text normally accompanied by an image.


Navigation and Functionality:
Sidebar links and drop down blog archive. The drop down style is archive is a good choice because the side bar is already quite busy.

Google AdSense for search bar and ad units on right hand side bar. Adbrite ad unit at base of side bar. Various affiliate buttons confined to side bar and foot of page. In general the ads are well blended and do not interfere with reading or appearance.

Aeowolf Online represents quite a milestone for Soapbox Jury because it is our first requested review.

One thing that instantly attracts me to this blog is the easy reading. The author concentrates on one topic per posting, usually achieving this in only one paragraph and one image. Again we are confronted by a diverse range of content covering current affairs, art, literature, religion, computing and even politics. By far the biggest contribution is personal ramblings, exactly as it says on the tin. Unlike other personal blogs I’ve read there isn’t a particular theme – posts tend to flit randomly from one extreme to the next instead of building up a slow and progressive story over successive days. The posts are well written – short, concise and if necessary well-reasoned. One minor criticism is that the author posts quite irregularly – sometimes only once or twice a week. It’s possible returning visitors are confronted by the same post on several occasions. It is always a good idea to post several times a week so that the content is fresh – a trick I have used is to keep a few pre-written short posts in reserve for days when I am too short of time. Overall, a good blog with sound presentation, well written and researched content and a steady readership.



1 comment:

aeowolf said...

Thank you for the review. It's certainly an improvement on the one I got from italk2much.com! I'll try to post more often, but as I say in the title description, these are my irregular ramblings. But I take your point, and I like the idea of having a few "reserve" posts for when I'm stuck for something to write. I'll do a post about the review shortly, and I'll add your site to my blogroll for a permanent link. Thanks again, and all the best....